Wear comfortable, well-fitting exercise clothing. Full costumes, skirts, large bellbottoms and harem pants are not necessary and can disguise the line of the body.

A hipscarf is recommended to highlight hip angle and movement.

If you need to change from street clothes to dance clothes, please make use of the back dressing area or bathrooms.

Please keep bulky dance bags off the dance floor.

If you do not wear deodorant, please wash up before class and be sure your exercise clothes are clean.

Too much perfume can be a problem too! Please, no strong scents.

Some form of footwear is important. Ballet slippers, jazz or aerobic shoes or dance sandals. Bare feet or socks may be worn with caution.

Enrollment and Attendance

Enroll for the entire session but only for classes you are sure to attend. You may add classes at any time, but please give SeSe 30 days advance notice for drops. Also,choose your drops wisely: a class could become filled or even cancelled in your absence.

Students who miss four consecutive classes without prior enrollment will be dropped from the roster.

Make-ups must be taken within four weeks of the absence.

Make-ups will be extended into the next month only in case of illness or work, and current enrollment must be maintained in at least one class.

Private lessons must be cancelled 24 hrs in advance or the regular lesson fee will be charged.

Guests, observers and children are not allowed.


Bellydance Basics offers three sessions per year. Your tuition can be paid in full at the beginning of the session or in four monthly payments. Monthly payments are due on the first class attended each month.

These prepayments reserve your space in class. Do not subtract for missed classes or holidays, or split tuition between two or more classes. students who fail to pre-pay by the 15th will be dropped unless other arrangements are made. Tuition cannot be refunded.

Tuition will be pro rated for those who join a class mid- month.

Make checks payable to Bellydance Basics. Record your payment on the sign -in sheet next to your name. (this is particularly important when you are paying with cash.

Unlimited Program Fees are calendar based (not class based) and do not allow for make-ups, refunds or extensions.