The Bellydance Basics Story

SeSe began bellydancing in Santa Cruz under the technical expertise of Jamra El Lamia. She then went on to study with other Bay area artists such as Allegra, Caroleena and Cella.

Under the direction of Dunia of San Jose, SeSe gained intensive performance experience as both a soloist and member of Dunia's award winning dance troupe Bahar.

Dunia's influence fostered SeSe's later success as a competition soloist. She was named 1994 Bellydancer of the Year and in 1995 won first prize in the Complete Dancer category at the Bellydancer of the Universe Competition in Long Beach.

As troupe director and choreographer, SeSe is best known for her work with the highly acclaimed Cairoettes and continues to promote new artists with the creation of performance groups such as Tiyanna, The Bellydance Basics Dancers and Intisar.

Today SeSe's main focus is teaching. She founded Bellydance Basics in 1987 with the goal of making this ancient art easy and accessible for everyone.